Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8th ~ US Consulate "Taking the Oath"

While we were not allowed to have any cameras present during the process where we "took the oath" at the US Consulate today, I do have a few random ones to share with you all.

I must tell you, it is always very emotional and very surreal whenever we have taken "the oath" (it has now been three times for us). I always end up crying a few tears...thinking back on first Francesca's and now Annabelle's "oath taking" day and the looking back on the road that lead us to this very moment...

Our time is almost at an end in the truly amazing country know to many as China...

But for me it will always been known as the Birth Country to my babies. A place where we traveled half way around the world to bring each - Francesca (2005), Annabelle (2008) and now Benjamin (2010) - home. China has & always will live on within my heart for when ever I look into my children's eyes, for I see the country that said YES to me becoming a mother AND MAKING US A FAMILY OF FIVE!!!!!!!

I will try to post the final photos of our trip within the next two days. Not sure how much I will get completed by the time we fly out on the 10th ~ but you just never know.

Only two more day....TWO MORE ANNABELLE until I can hold you in my arms again ~ and never let go {well at least for another 16 years...}

Love & Miss you all so very much!


Krista said...

Wow - so exciting! I can't believe it is almost time for you all to come home!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Isnt the oath amazing? I felt such a sense of patriotism and was so thankful to the People's Republic of China for blessing me beyond what I could imagine - just like you've been blessed - THREE times!! WOW!!!!!

Hurry up and get home!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shell,
The kids were checking out the photos today. Francesca looks absolutely beautiful in some of the photos. You all look well too. Thank God you did not get sick again! We are not leaving on Sat until 2pm when I get home from work. I checked out the red bag - damn is that huge it is as big as him. It looks like he is adjusting well that is until he meets his crazy Aunt Lisa. Love you and miss you all Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Can't wait until you get here. Annabelle can't either. You both look well. You better tell Benjamin that he will be getting many hugs and kisses from his Grandma. Annabelle is surely getting her share now. Francesca will get sick of me kissing her. I'm at work and Mary Kaye says she can't wait to see all of you. God speed and until we see you, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Love, MA

Sue said...

Wow - so glad you are almost on that plane home! Hope the visa comes in without any problems and that you have a wonderfully safe trip home!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a wonderful and emotional day for you all!! Congratulations:) I am sure you cried....and to think that you have done this three times.....the miracle of adoption is just so magical!!

Love you travels and hope that you will get to update again soon:)