Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd ~ After three adoptions look what we finally got today...

YES! We finally made it to the White Swan after what seems like a day of either waiting in our hotel (until it was time to leave), running through a crazy airport, and than taking a 2 hour flight to Guangzhou! By the time we got checked in and into our hotel room (with our luggage) it was after 9PM!

As for today, we had Benjamin's medical exams. Seeing how we are a Hague family, we had a few more steps this time around. I was extremely worried that the doctor examining him would see what is going on with him and it might set us back some (with staying longer in Guangzhou). After the doctor examined his stomach area for about 10 mintues, she did request that our guide come and talk to her and we had a answer a ton of questions about why his stomach was so many times a day does he poop...what is his pooping schedule....has he pooped today...well you get the idea. Keith & I felt like we were in front of a firing squad. All I wanted was my baby dressed once again and back into my arms. Thank Goodness his pull up was dry (no poop) and he didn't start pooping through his pee or his rectum {while exposed} until after he was dressed (and far away from that place).

To answer the question why was the doctor so concerned is because our little man's belly is once again swollen. He did poop yesterday morning & last night, but so far today ~ he has only gone very little. We are only half way through this trip and if he doesn't go by tomorrow, it is looking like another Fleet enema. While I am loving this time once again in China ~ I am looking forward to coming home and getting our little man taken care of...

OK ~ now here is his current height & weight -

He is 22 lbs and is 29" tall...Like I said he is tiny.

Other than that we met up with another adopting family (Dan & Maria with daughter Vanessa) today for lunch at Lucy's... to have some burgers and of course some beers!

Pretty soon it will be pool time for us!

Tomorrow we are visiting the local Buddhist Temple, Old Chen House and shopping at the Provincial Art & Crafts Market (which we have never been to any of them before)!

I know you'll are all waiting on a few photos so here they go...

These were actually taken yesterday while waiting for our time to come until we checked out of the Crowne Plaza.

Our little man just cracks us up and this is one of the things we love about him. Just show him something once, and he does it!

This is our Rock Star...not only does he love playing his little toy drum that started out as Francesca's (she got it from the Zhengzhou Lotus Center) but he also loves to make some moves!

one last thing...

We are having a very hard time using the White Swan's Internet service. Not sure what is up but everyone here and at the Victory are having some problems. I can access my emails but it is taking me forever to respond. I know a lot of you have been emailing us and I have been trying my best to keep up, but with this slow service might be a few days before I can respond ~ so please be patient and I will do the best that I can!

Love to you all and as for our Miss Annabelle ~ So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow ~ even if it is a half a world away...xxxooo


Football & Fried Rice said...

Uggh. Glad the medical exam part is OVER! And you never have to go back again ;) I love the pictures of Benjamin in the room at the Crowne Plaza - he IS a little rock star!

And I a sure he is going to LOVE playing with his new barbie :)

Love Letters To China said...

What sweet pictures of Benjamin playing the drum. He's so cute! I'm glad the medical exam is over and done. One more thing you can check off the list. Hope you enjoy your time site seeing in Guangzhou.

Seeing your first picture reminded me that we never received a Barbie when my husband stayed at the White Swan. I was a little disappointed when he got home. He didn't know about them until I asked him if he received one. After reading so many blogs before our travels I thought it would be nice to have as a memento. No big deal really. I have the real baby so that's all that matters!