Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update from CCAI received on 9/8/2009

Dang Zi Zhong
Currently residing at Luoyang SWI, Henan Province, China.
Date of Birth October 15, 2007

9/7/2009 Update

His health is good.
He can walk, say some simple words. He is being potty trained, but still uses diaper
He does not know color yet.
He needs to be reminded to use potty on time.

They call him Zi Zhong.
He is active and outgoing.

He eats noodle, congee, drinks water and formula. He likes to eat cake and biscuits.
He is in the orphanage.
He did not receive package from the family.
(as of 2/1/2010 a care package has been sent out for our sweet baby boy...)

Oh My Gosh ~ Does he know how much we love him already? Does he know that he has a family waiting to bring him home? Does he know that he has two sisters who are just so excited to be getting a brother? Does he know that he has so many family & friends who are just dying to meet him? Does he know that we think about him every minute of every day? Does he know that I cry almost every night because he is not home with us? Does he know again how much we love him? Does he know...