Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st ~ "He is very happy with us!"

Before I even I start this post, I must mention about the title above. Seeing how this is our 2nd time staying at the Crown Plaza in Zhengzhou, some of the staff remembered us from the last time! Seriously, We walked into the Italian Cafe on the 2nd floor and as soon as "Mandy" saw me she asked if I wanted to have a Long Island Ice Tea. I asked her if she remembered me and she said of course, she said she remembered Francesca more than anything because of her RARE beauty so as soon as she saw Francesca she remembered who we were! (now is that amazing or what! and yes I did have a few long island ice teas lol!) Anyway, we had her ask Benjamin in Chinese if he is "happy" with his new family and he told her he is VERY HAPPY and he LOVES his Mama and Papa much"! What more can we ask for! Seriously! This little boy is still in so much pain & discomfort but in his heart he feels our love for him! He has told both of us that he loves us (in Chinese) but we just didn't know if he was saying this because he was here or because he really does...well Now we know and he really does!!!!!

As many of you know, we visited the Henan's Museum today. Did you know it one of China's three largest museums? We love it and it was a lot of fun!

Although we did get a lot of stares especially with using the double stroller today and even some locals took photos of the kiddos in it but we truly had a great time! Tomorrow I will just be posting a few photos from the museum seeing how we will be leaving Zhengzhou for Guangzhou. While I am very sad about leaving once again ~ I DO BELIEVE WE WILL BE BACK TO VISIT ZHENGZHOU (as tourist only)!

We fly out tomorrow at 4:30PM!

"Dear Annabelle ~ We are missing you so much it hurts! Every morning when I see your face on the computer screen, you are totally changing & growing up right before my eyes...I so wish you were here. I promise, when we come back in a few years to visit as tourist, YOU WILL BE WITH US! Love you miss you so much....We'll be home soon...and be a good girl for Grandma ~ she needs you so and loves you very much!"

Francesca, Benjamin & me with the double stroller - what a sight to all the locals! (Dan, Maria and Vanessa who are just super cool (travel mates) are also in the photo.
One of our guides, Rita and our other guide Yisha's daughter! Just looking at Yisha's daughter makes me see our future....
Our Little Prince Of Pompey (at least that is what I am calling) He also loves it when I sing that Elton John song ~ Bennie and The Jets!
Enjoying some ice cream at the museum!
How could you not fall in love with him?
Photo OP with the Buddha at our hotel ~ "When In China Do As The Chinese Do...".


Courtney said...

He is so cute. That is amazing that she remembered you guys. Enjoy the next leg of your trip.

Football & Fried Rice said...

your little man looks darling in stripes! hmm..i'll have to keep that in mind when out shopping ;) what size did you say he is?

I'll bet the chinese LOVE that double stroller! Heaven knows I could use one just to hold my packages while I am shopping ;)

Glad to see Benjamin's smiles and that Francesca is enjoying herself too.....hope you had some risotto for me at the Italian Restaurant (we ourselves wore out the coffee shop in the hotel!)


Love Letters To China said...

He is adorable! So happy you were able to get a translation from the hotel staff. What wonderful words to hear coming from your son.

Safe travels to Guangzhou!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Francesca and Benjamin are both so adorable. Loved the picture of Rita too. We just loved her, she was so kind. Hope your flight to Guangzhou is uneventful and safe.