Sunday, June 27, 2010

{minor set back}

OK we were supposed to go to the Civil Affairs office this morning at 9:30AM (with our VERY LARGE group) to be united with our son. Our guide Yisha informed as around 9:15AM that the orphanage where Benjamin is coming from is running a bit late (travel time from the orphanage to Zhengzhou it is about a three hour ride) and he will NOT be at the Civil Affairs office for 9:30. While we are very sad to hear this news, we did find out that sometime around 12:00PM he and his care takers should be arriving at our hotel and he will than be united with us right in our very own "home away from home" hotel room. After sending "best wishes & congratulations" to all our other traveling families who will soon be getting {probably already have} their children and watching them all walk out the hotel's main door, Keith, Francesca & I headed to the elevators to return to our room. Once those elevator doors closed I could not stop myself from crying. By the time I returned to our hotel room, I was once again calm & cool. It was also at this time that I realized THIS is how we should be united with our little boy after waiting over ONE YEAR to be with our hotel room with just US, giving him time to adjust and as much space as he needs (and not in that small Civil Affairs office room that will be filled with 14 families and 14 children). I couldn't have asked for a more perfect start to our family of five! Well, it is almost 11AM here and I want to make sure - for about the 100th time - that everything we need in is order. I promised as soon as we ALL get settled I will post some photos!

BTW ~ Francesca is super excited! She has already layed out a ton of cars, trucks, coloring books and crayons along with her DVD player ready to play "Big Bird In China"! She too is counting down the minutes!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am sure you were upset, but like you said, this is the way you were meant to meet him........ I am hanging on my a thread here....I thought for sure I would open your blog and see you all smiling and finally united after oney year of waiting for your precious boy!!!

I will be back in hopes that you post some pictures very soon.

How cute that Francesca was getting the room ready for him.....that just melts my heart!!

Luv Ya!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I am getting so excited!! - Hugs, Amy

Anonymous said...

Just waiting for your next post - WITH Benjamin! Tell Francesca that Becca says hi! She is so excited that Francesca is meeting her di di!


Jboo said...

Can't wait to hear about meeting your little boy! Sweet that Francesca is excited and ready to play! Thinking of you all!


Lisa said...

Shelly, Praise the Lord you have your baby boy!!!!!
He is adorable. I love the pics and he looks so much like Caden when we got him. Hope he continues to do very well .I know that he could not be in better hands.
Love, Lisa