Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27th ~ One More Day....(and YES! We are in Zhengzhou!)

We arrived in Zhengzhou early this afternoon, but as many of you know, there is so much to do before "the big day" comes! We will be leaving for the Civil Affairs office tomorrow at 9:30AM - so anytime after that, we should be united with our little boy! We did get an update today from CCAI on him and there are a few surprises. Nothing to be worried about but just things we are not prepared for (so wish you were here Ma)...Anyway, we have the backpack all packed up, all the envelopes stuffed with the necessary funds, gifts all wrapped and all our paper work in order for tomorrow morning. The crib is once again all set up in the room which is totally bringing back so many wonderful memories. Our guide Yisha remembered us today as soon as she spotted us at the airport. She was so excited to see us again. She did ask about LaLa (aka Annabelle) and Grandma. She is also looking forward to helping us along with our newest addition's transition (seeing how he is the oldest child being adopted among our group).

I do have a few photos to share with you all that were between last night & today. The one of Francesca and I in the hotel room was taken by Keith while we were "skyping" with Grandma, Annabelle, Aunt Lisa and Scotty. {Oh how I miss you all so very much ~ and next time when we come back YOU GUYS ARE COMING SO START SAVING NOW!}

As for my thoughts on what is about to happen tomorrow..I think I am doing pretty good. Seeing how this is our 3rd time around, it seems much easier and I think I am prepared for just about anything. Keith has been truly an amazing support to me. As he told me earlier today "You are one hell of a mother Shell and no matter how unhappy & scared he might be, you can & will make him smile and in do time he will whole heartily feel your love." (what a guy I have...) {not to mention the M&MS I already have packed up to get Benjamin to come to me}

Ma & Lisa - are we still on for "skyping" on the 28th 7:00PM (your time)? Just confirm with me here through the comments.

Well, we are actually getting ready to head out for some Italian food here at the Crown Hotel (I know Italian food in China but coming from this full blooded Italian the food here is pretty good). We finally got to meet all of our travel group and so many of them are just super nice but I am so missing our group from 2008 BADLY and a few from our group in 2005...

Now if you are ready, here are the photos I promised! Just think the next time you see a post on this site - IT WILL BE PHOTOS OF OUR BENJAMIN!!!!!!!!! Oh how I can't wait!

Love you all & Miss you so much!

"My Sweet & Spicy Annabelle ~ Mommy, Daddy, and Francesca MISS YOU SO MUCH! I think about you every second of every day as you are in my heart always! I am counting down the days until I can hold you in my arms and give you lots of hugs & kisses..." Love you more than you'll ever know...Mommy"

{a building in the city of Zhengzhou}

{Francesca on the plane to Zhengzhou}

{Franceca & some travel group friends}

{Francesca & I skyping with Grandma, Annabelle, Aunt Lisa & Scotty}


Lori F. said...

Hi Babe,

I can't believe its time. I am so happy for you guys. If you need help with the "suprises" please let me know. We all love you and are thinking about you!!! I really miss you!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Shelly,

One more sleep and you are going to have your little guy in your arms!!!! I cannot beleive it..... sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!

I am sure you miss everyone dearly{Thank Goodness for Skype} But once Benjamin is with you, the rest of this trip is going to fly by and you will be headed home to meet the rest of your loved ones!!

Hang in there...and get your have a VERY EXCITING day ahead!!!

Thinking of you all:)



Love Letters To China said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to see you with your little boy. Your husband is right. Benjamin will be able to feel the love coming from you immediately. He is so fortunate to have you as a mommy. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shell, The time is set in gold. We will be online a little before 7 pm on 6/28. I just read the blog to Annabelle and she just sat and listened to me. She is so anxious to see you,she asks every day how long until Mommy comes for her too. She loved looking at the pictures posted. Send my love to everyone in your group and to Yiesha. She wants her hands on the computer so I have to close now. Love, MA

Chris said...

How exciting!

Can't wait to check back tomorrow....

Praying for you all!!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

i keep checking my email & trying to figure out the time difference (quite the stretch for someone who hasn't had to use her brain for a week!) i will probably be at the airport heading home when you finally get your hands on Benjamin James. I will have the laptop and will be checking continuosly!!

Lisa Gissendanner said...

Love seeing the pics , it brings back great memories, wish i were there!!!! So excited to see you get B tomorrow, Praying for a wonderful meeting.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys have quite a few kids Francesca's age in your group. That is so great. We had two other 5 year old and it was awesome. I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight. How exciting to know that the next time I check the computer I will get to see pictures of the newest Leonard. Hugs to all of you. Love, Amy

Bushnell Girls said...

Oh, we miss being with you in China! What a great group of people. Praying that you have had just as much fun and laughter as we all shared in 2008! Kiss your THREE kids for us!