Sunday, April 18, 2010

A few UPDATES!!!!

OK here is the photo that I received from our agency on Friday along with some updated measurements...

Currently ~

Benjamin is...


30.3" tall

head measures 18.5"

chest measures 18.9"

each foot measures 5.1"

and he has 16 teeth!

Seeing how I am comparing these measurements to our Annabelle's (who is one tiny little girl), our Benjamin is truly one tiny little boy! I was planning on taking 2T clothing but it is now looking like I NEED to take 24 month size clothing as well...

Lucky for me I didn't purchase any more pajamas than the ones that my dear friend, Sara, sent to him this past spring which are 2T and are looking to be a perfect fit! As for his shoes, I have a few pairs of sandals purchased that are size 6 which I think as going to work!

Now ~ when do I think we'll travel, I am now thinking early June? Who knows? But we did find out that our I800 was processed on April 14th. We also just sent in our DS-230 along with a few finally fees needed for Benjamin's visa.

I am also getting ready to send out another care package to our baby boy. It has a blanket in it, a monkey stuffed animal, a #20 Home Depot Matchbox car, 2 large bags of lollipops for everyone to enjoy and a photo of his new family (along with a few other things)!!!! Hoping to get it sent out this week :)

I am still planning on posting to this site when we travel. Not sure if I'll be posting every day (seeing how there will be 6 of us once Benjamin comes) but I will try to do my best! Plus my notebook has been "misbehaving" on me lately. As much as I don't want the expense of a new notebook before traveling, we just might have to bite the bullet and get a new one.

So for now, this is where we are at! Hope you all enjoy the updated photo and measurements as much as we did!!!


Love Letters To China said...

What a handsome little boy! I can't wait to see him in your arms! Funny how we think they're going to be bigger than they actually are. Liam is still wearing 18mo - 24mo bottoms and 2T - 3T tops. He just started wearing size 7 shoes. He's around 30 pounds at 3 yrs of age.

Wow has the adoption paperwork changed. I don't even know anything about the I800 or DS-230. My hubby and I, on occasion (not too often), mention adding another little one to our family. I can't even imagine the type of paperwork involved at this point.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH MY GOODNESS.....he really could not be any cuter!!! I cannot wait for you all to get on that plane and bring this sweet little guy home:)

I am not good on the sizes.....but the minute you find out what he is really wearing, you let me know!!

Good luck with the paperwork.....I know it is not fun, but it is all worth it.....that is what I keep telling myself.



Theis Family said...

He is a cutie...he reminds me of Micah. Can't wait to see how he reacts to the girls wanting to mother him:) I so wish we could all travel together! Hugs from us to all of you - tell you mom hi for me

Football & Fried Rice said...

stairs?? where is he going? He is such a peanut; like Annabelle! They are going to be sweet together - can't wait to see them hugging!