Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Care Packages, Shopping & Sleepless Nights ~ Oh My

Since finding out we are LID, I have contacted Adele from Blessed Kids about putting together a care package for our darling Benjamin. I am so hoping {praying} that we do receive some updated photos and a current health report on our son. As the excitement is finally setting in that "We are traveling back to China for our first son!" we are once again faced with a very long time until we do travel. While I wish we were leaving tomorrow, I know that there is so much that I need to do to prepare the house and ourselves for another little one!

Just having this LID has truly opened me up to finally believing that this will happen. I found myself not being able to sleep last night, but instead I was working my fingers fast on my notebook's keyboard trying to grab up all those amazing sales that are happening this time of the year. I purchased a few outfits and some great boy toys...just for him. Our Benjamin needs just about everything. I am hoping to find some pajamas this coming week for as of now, he only has one pair (and that was a gift from my one of my dearest & sweetest friends ~ ever ~ Sara). I know, I know, I still have a lot of time to all of this, but anyone who truly knows me knows that I am not one to sit back and relax while there is still so much to do.

Currently I am purchasing 3T size clothing. Back in September, Benjamin was...
29.1" tall
22 lbs
each foot measured 4.3"
and he had 16 teeth

When I compare his measurements to that of our Annabelle's, they are so very similar in size (even though they are 6 months apart). Seeing how she is wearing 24 month/2T size clothing, I felt it was safe to purchase 3T for him.

So looking forward to getting an update on our little boy! And when we do, I promise I will post as much information as I can....


Valerie and Jeff said...

It was so great to see your post! I have been wondering how your journey to Benjamin was going as I hadn't seen a new post in awhile. (I was the lucky winner of the beautiful angel ornament from your fund raiser for Benjamin last fall. I think of you all whenever I look at it a top a little cupboard by our fireplace! It reminds me so much of how much we are blessings to each other.)
As a mom of 3 boys I am SO excited for you!! I can only imagine your shopping excitement! This is a great time for great buys too ... I seem to find Kohls has super duper great buys this time of year! And if you are looking for toys, you should check out this cool line that I found at an educational type store that my 20 month old boy LOVES. Look on our blog under January 20th, "Wow toys." They don't require batteries and are so fun (a little pricey ... but very well made.) I haven't broken down to buy one yet ... but I might!

Theis Family said...

I am soooo excited for you. Iam actually planning a mini mission trip with a few friends to either go to Hope or Marias big house to rock babies for a week or two next year (wanna come?)